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Just Waiting

TIME, Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!

We’re all waiting on something. A baby is waiting to be born. The kids are waiting for the school bell to ring. A hungry man is waiting to be fed “Will Work For Food.” JUST WAITING!

Someone’s waiting on a proposal while someone’s waiting on a divorce. Someone’s waiting on the doctor and someone’s waiting to die. JUST WAITING!!!

Someone’s waiting to be hired while someone’s waiting to fire. Someone’s waiting to be sentenced while someone’s waiting to be released. We’re all waiting for something to happen! JUST WAITING!

Someone’s waiting for the war to end while someone’s waiting for the world to end. The fear of the unknown but nothing but time, 60 seconds in a minute, JUST WAITING, 60 minutes in an hour, JUST WAITING, 24 hours in a day, JUST WAITING, 365 days in a year. Just waiting as t-i-m-e goes BYE.


Copyright © 2004 Tisha Lundy. All Rights Reserved.


Seeing Backward 385lb to Now!

“O LORD, when you favored me, you made my mountain stand firm; but when you hid your face, I was dismayed” (Ps 30:7).

Tisha Lundy 2001 (385lbs)

Yes that’s me! looking back  I can’t believe it either. Obesity can put the mind into a comatose state, because you often don’t realize how big you are or when/how you gained the weight.

It is  difficult to recognize the hand of God when we are in the midst of adversity. We  feel God has hidden His face from us. When the Lord takes us through deep valleys, there will be fruit from the deep valley that we cannot see. That’s when you must press into Him with all you have during this time.

Not there yet but getting smaller!

The most profound thing for me at this point was realizing I didn’t hear myself breathing hard during normal conversation….

God uses the deep valley to frame our lives to create a change in our nature, not just a change in habits. The depth and width of our valley is often an indicator of the level of calling and influence we will have on others in the future. Our adversity is not just for us, but others who will be in our future path of influence. This is not very comforting when you are in the middle of the valley, but know this is a truth in the Kingdom.

Midway There! Even when I fall down I manage to get back up!

Health & Fitness Magazine featured me in the 2002 weight loss success issue for losing 119lbs. People from every where started calling me just to hear my story. A local doctor even  stopped by my job to meet me in person. Not realizing how many people I’ve inspired along the way has been one of the things that has kept me going…..

It is often years later when we discover the wisdom of God and why He intentionally led us through the dark valley. Life is often lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back at through valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale and the spiritual deposits He has made in our life while we were there. “He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings deep shadows into the light” (Job 12:22). When you begin to realize this, you sit back and breathe a sigh of relief because you know that God was in control all along. It didn’t seem like it at the time, but He was.

I can see the finish line!

Determined to FINISH! May 2012

I am thankful for all of the trainers that God has put on my path to get me to this point. I’m especially thankful to my coaches at Faction Strength & Conditioning the Home of Crossfit and my new Paleo eating lifestyle.  They have truly changed my life forever!

Emotions Get Rid Of Those That Don’t Help You

Unclaimed Baggage

I’m sharing this story about a previous chapter in my life in the hopes that you may read it and pass it along to someone else that needs to be inspired.

One day I woke up and found myself in an indescribable place. Well, more like an out of body trip. I couldn’t figure out where I was going or how I got there but what I saw before me were these two big heavy bags, big enough to stuff a body in.

I wondered, “Where the hell am I and whose big ass bags are these?” So just out of curiosity, I opened the bags.

One was filled to capacity with fear, sadness, rejection, depression, worry, disgust, self-pity, low self-esteem, and anger while the other bag was also just as heavy. However when I opened it, to my surprise, it was empty.

In the bottom of the empty bag was a small note that read, “You will know what to do with this bag once the time is right.”

So I’m thinking, “I not only don’t know where I am or how I got there but now, I have to carry these two heavy bags around. Hell, do they even belong to me? I don’t see my name on them. Who in the world would carry bags around like this?”

Suddenly a train appeared… “All aboard” shouted the engineer. I ran to the doors as they flung open and tried to get on the train but my bags just got in the way. I felt someone take the bags from me, to put them under the train. You could feel the bags hit the floorboard (THUMP).

Before the train could pull off, someone was escorting me off and back to my bags. “Madam I’m sorry, we have a weight capacity. Your bags are entirely too heavy to board the train. You can either leave them here or empty something out and wait for the next train.”

So I took my bags and looked inside the full one to see what I would remove while I waited for the next train. I decided to remove sadness and put that in the empty bag for I was sure it weighed the most.

When the next train appeared I ran over to it, heavy bags and all. But still the same response from the conductor, “Bags too heavy.”

Train after train I was being told the same thing. So I carefully removed each emotion from the one bag to place in the empty one. I didn’t want to throw them away because I was just an overseer of the bags.

I am a responsible person you know. Whoever left me with these bags must really trust me to keep them and handle them with care. “Whose bags are these any way and how did I become responsible for them?” I shouted.

The last train appeared. Before I got on, I looked into what was once an empty, heavy bag but was now filled with all those emotions from the old bag and I zipped it up. Then I peered inside the now new empty bag and saw a mirror with a note attached.

I gazed at myself in the mirror and I looked tired. Hell I was tired! Tired of those bags! Tired of deciding which emotion I was going to get rid of for they all were heavy. Then I realized those use to be my emotions, all bagged up with nowhere to go. I carried them around tucked and hidden away, just in case I needed to use them again one day.

I stopped gazing in the mirror only to read the note attached, “Keep this bag and carry it with you thru your journey, for this is where you will store your hopes, dreams, passion, faith, blessings, and possibilities. Never close this bag or you’ll miss the opportunity to spill some of these new emotions onto someone else who needs them too.”

Quickly I ran over to the train with my newly lighter bag with a big smile on my face. And as I boarded, I heard a voice in the distance say, “Madam you left your other bag.”

I smiled and winked and said, “I have my bag!”

For you see, I don’t know who that bag belongs to now… just know that it’s no longer mine.

Copyright © 2011 Tisha Lundy

I wrote this story after a friend asked me if I was bitter from my previous separation/divorce. Even though it was a dramatic time in my life where I lost my smile, my voice, my power, and my hope – I am not bitter. Life is really about closing chapters and moving on. Since the road ahead is unknown, pack light because you never know when you’ll have to help someone else along the way.

Be + Do + Have = SUCCESS

Are you BEING the person you truly want to be?

Take a few moments and really think about who you are being right now and compare that to who you really want to be. Do you want to be a better father/mother, be happier than you are right now, be wealthier, healthier, skinnier, be better at your job or be a better business owner?

Most of us have been taught that we need to HAVE things in our life to allow us to DO what we want, allowing us to BE who we want to be (ie. ‘When I HAVE more time, I will be able to DO the activities with my children therefore I will BE a better father’).

In reality, we will never be the person we want to be if we wait to HAVE first.

If you really want to HAVE ultimate success in ALL areas of your life (personal and in business) you really need to start BEING the person you want to be right from now!

You really need to reverse this teaching of HAVING, DOING then BEING…

…and begin with BEING the person you want to be, which will allow you to DO the things this type of person would do, so you can HAVE the results this kind of person has. (ie. ‘I am BEING the best father/mother I can be, allowing me to DO the activities with my children and now I HAVE the time for them).


By being the person you really want to be right now, whether you have everything in place to reach your goals, or not, you will bring about the life you want sooner than later.

If it’s financial freedom and happiness you are aiming for, then start being the person who is financially free and happy.

Imagine that you are already financially free and start being that person. Walk like a person who is financially free. Make the choices that a person who is financially free will make. Do the things that a financially free person will do. Live like a financially free person will live. Feel like you are financially free!

How Can I Start ‘Being’ When I Don’t ‘Have’?

It’s Not What You Have, But What You Are Being

How can I live like a person who is financially free when I don’t have any money? And, how can I be completely happy, without having the things that will make me truly happy?

If you want to be a wealthy home business owner (for example) who has plenty of time for your children doing fun things together, exploring and relaxing…then start BEING this person Right Now!

Picture clearly your future and what you want to have in your life when you are living your Ulitmate life…

…Now start BEING the person who has achieved it.

Working with the example above…
Start BEING The Person Who Is Wealthy:
>Sit with the posture of a person who already has wealth.
>Talk with the confidence, diction, influence and belief that a wealthy person talks with.
>Conduct business, make decisions and lead people like a wealthy person does.
Start BEING The Wealthy Person.

BE The Person Who Runs A Successful Home Business:
>Talk like a successful home business owner will talk.
>Build the business a successful home business owner will build.
>Organise your office like a successful home business owner will organize.
>Conduct yourself like a successful home business owner will.
Start BEING The Successful Home Business Owner.

BE The Parent Who Has Plenty Of Time And Fun With The Kids:
>Give your time to the kids like a parent with plenty of time.
>Create the fun a fun-loving parent would create.
>Be the consoling, sympathetic and loving parent would be.
Start BEING The Parent Who Has Plenty Of Time And Fun With The Kids.

Can you see where I’m going with this? You don’t have to have money to start BEING wealthy. You don’t have to have a successful home-based business to start BEING a successful business owner. And you don’t have to have a lot of time to start BEING the parent who gives valuable time and has fun with your children.

All the material things will naturally happen because you are BEING the person who makes the decision to create the life you want.

Just start BEING the person you want to be. Make the decisions to DO what this person would do (as if you already have achieved what you’re aiming for). Then you will HAVE everything you ever dreamed of because YOU started being the person who already had reached the goals way before you actually did…and that is powerful!

Follow Your Gut

Every day there’s a necessity of choice (a fork in the road)

“Shall I do this, or shall I do that? Shall I go, or shall I stay?”  Many people do not know what to do.  They rush about allowing other people to make decisions for them, then regret having taken their advice.

When we come to a fork in the road of life, we have to go one way or the other. We can’t just stand there scratching our heads forever, turn back and pretend the choice doesn’t exist, or sit down and wait for someone else to come along and make the choice for us.

There are some who carefully reason things out. They weigh and measure the situation like dealing in groceries, and are surprised when they fail to attain their goal. While there are other people who follow their gut, the path of intuition and find themselves in their Promised Land in the twinkling of an eye.

Intuition is a spiritual faculty high above the reasoning mind, but on that path is all that you desire or require.

Your intuition will most likely push you gently toward taking some appropriate risks and trying new things. Your intuition may be trying to show you that you have a new direction in which you need to move or that there is something within you that is trying to come through. If you give yourself permission to try it, you don’t have to be great at it; just do it and see what happens.

For example, if you are unhappy in your job, don’t immediately make a decision to go in and quit, unless you truly have a strong gut feeling that that is the best course of action. Instead, explore and acknowledge your feelings, such as, “I’m really unhappy here, I’d like to work with people more,” or whatever. Then turn it over to your intuition and allow it to show you step by step what you need to do. You will probably find that something will emerge. You may find that your current job changes and improves, or you may get an inspiration about a different career and begin to explore that possibility. You may follow an impulse to interview for another job and find that it is right for you. Or you may get very clear that you need to resign, and it will feel appropriate to do so. The right action will emerge from the process.

Wake up to your leads and hunches. Wake up to the divinity within!”

Claude Bragdon said, “To live intuitively is to live fourth dimensionally.”

The feet are the symbol of understanding, so it means metaphysically all that we understand stands under us in consciousness, and what is rooted there can never be taken from us.

Inspiration (which is divine guidance) is the most important thing in life. People come to Truth meetings for inspiration.  So let God juggle every situation, for when you try to juggle the situation, you drop all the balls.

“Choose you this day whom ye will serve,” fear or faith.

So, as we reach the fork in the road today, let us fearlessly follow the voice of intuition. The bible calls it “the still small voice.”

“There came a voice behind me, saying, ‘This is the way, walk ye in it’.”

On this path is the good, already prepared for you.

I am divinely led, I follow the right fork in the road. God makes a way where there is no way.

Be Wise in Choosing Your Friends

As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” (Proverbs 27:17)

For those of you who have really entered into a true Spirit-filled, fully-surrendered walk with the Lord where He is now leading your life in the direction that He will want it to go in – one of the first things that you will find happening is that God will start to prune out the people that He does not want in your life and start to bring in the people that He does want in your life. So choose your friends very carefully in this life. The bible tells us that he who walks with wise people will become wise himself, but that he who keeps company with fools will be destroyed.

One of the first things that God will do with your life once you come into a full surrender with Him is to start to set some boundary lines. He will now decide the path that you will follow in Him. He will now be leading you into the specific jobs that He will want you to have in this life. If you are single and have not married yet, He will lead you to the mate that He will want you to marry IF it is in His perfect will that you get married in this life.

And once those boundary lines start to go up – one of the first things that God will do is to decide who is going to be coming into those boundary lines and who will be going out. In other words, God will be deciding who your true friends are going to be in this life and who will not.

The main reason that God will start to take out the friends in your life that He does not want you to have is because some of these people may be negative influences in your life. They may not be open to growing and maturing in the Lord like you will be, and all they will do is try and hold you back when you start your own spiritual journey and growth in the Lord. They will start criticizing and making fun of you and all they will end up doing is stunting your growth in the Lord. God will not be putting up with this, and He will thus be taking all of these bad and negative influences out of your life very early on once you enter into this full surrender with Him.

If you will allow God to prune out the people that He does not want you to have in your life – then what He will start to do is to bring in the people that He will want to have in your life. I call these types of friends “God-friends.” These people will be other good, godly, Spirit-filled Christians who are truly walking in good stead with the Lord and they will now be the people that He will want you to share your walk with! You will know some things about God they may not know, and they will know some things that you may not know. You thus are able to help contribute to each other’s storehouse of knowledge in the Lord.

God-friends can help sharpen each other up like “iron sharpens iron.” Just like one piece of iron can make the other piece of iron extremely sharp by rubbing up against it – two solid Christian friends can also have the same type of positive effect on one another by sharing their own personal walks in the Lord with one other.


God knows best as to who will be best suited for you at your current level of spiritual development with Him – so let Him guide you to the ones that He will want you to connect with. Most of these people will be total strangers to you until God moves in to match the two of you up. God-friends can come from anywhere and at anytime – so keep your radars up, as you never know when God may move to bring one of them into your life.

How many of these types of God-friends can you expect God to bring into your life? Only God will be able to answer that for each and every one of you. Some may only get one or two to start off with, others may get 5 or 10. What I have learned is that it is not the quantity or amount that comes in – it is the quality. You are much better off having just one or two good, solid, quality friends as versus 10 or 15 that are not as good quality friends as the one or two may be. So let God make the decision as to how many and when they will be brought into your life.

Just as God saw fit to create Eve for Adam in the Garden of Eden when He first created the first man – God still places an extremely high value on personal friendships. Once you enter into a real supernatural walk with the Lord, you will go nuts if you do not have someone to share your walk with. Because there are simply too many good God things that will start to happen in your life, and you will need others to talk with, to vent with, to share with, to learn from one another, and to help keep each other on track.

I believe Jesus was giving us a major piece of revelation when He started sending the apostles out two-by-two instead of by themselves. For those of you who have not been matched up with a good God-friend at this time – just go to God the Father in prayer and ask Him to bring you the right friend that would be best suited for you.

Unless God is keeping you all to Himself for a reason and a season, there is no reason that God will not want to move on this request to bring you a true special God-friend in order to help accelerate your spiritual growth in Him. If God did it for Adam in the Garden of Eden, then there is no reason that He would not want to do it for you.

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